Photographing Chicago



Chicago is a world class city. It has amazing architecture. It can count many of the biggest names in architecture among its former citizens. Frank Lloyd Wright, Daniel Burnham, Root and Sullivan to name a few. Many of the worlds' first skyscrapers were built in Chicago and many of them are still standing. Many of the tallest modern skyscrapers can also be counted among Chicago's buildings. There are also many beautiful, old mansions that sprang up after the Great Chicago Fire.

Chicago also has a very diverse population. This also makes for some great photographs of everyday life. There are restaurants representing over 100 different countries which means there are people from over 100 countries walking around Chicago.

Chicago's long industrial history also make for some great shots. There are very old factories and grain mills scattered around the city, including some peaking out from behind modern condo buildings. The city has more draw bridges than any other city in the United States. Some of the are pieces of steel art and surprisingly are still in use.

The Chicago Skyline is also a photographers dream. Shots from over the lake looking back on the high-rises looming over Grant Park are a dream come true for amateur photographers. There are also great photographic opportunities from the tops of the hancock Building and the Willis Tower.

There are a lot of reasons to visit Chicago and its photographic charm is certainly one of them.