Chicago in Photos






Photographing Chicago

Chicago is a great city. Whether you are a fan of the outdoors. Yes we do have nice Summer and Fall when you can hang out on the beach, go to Wrigley Field or ride your bike along the 18 mile long bike path. It is also America's second best restaurant city. Yes we will acknowledge New York's restaurant scene is better, but we will not give a nod to San Francisco. It can also claim to be the country's second best museum city. Shopping is also a big draw for visitors.

But one of the biggest draws and my favorite is its picturesque qualities. It is second to none in architecture. The list of famous Chicago architects is long. Its setting on the shores of Lake Michigan also make for some great views. There is also a great hidden side to Chicago. its history as an industrial town and as a modern city puts old grain mills next to modern high-rises.

For a photographer it is a dream city. The 100 year old mansions of the Gold Coast are magnificent and even an amateur photographer with a phone can get some great shots. Some of the World's original skyscrapers are here. Fans of art deco buildings can have a field day walking around the Loop. The lakefront views back towards the city is another great source for photos. The more adventurous can head out to one of Chicago's neighborhoods and find a variety of buildings and a diverse population to photograph. Whatever your photography style you can probably find a lot of great shots in Chicago. To find out more about Chicago Attractions you can go to the website.