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There are 3 options for creating letter art words using these high quality, Chicago based, photo letters. They can be purchased as framed letter art, upper right corner. You can get them attached to an attractive, black, board, upper middle photo, or the name art can be spelled in a montage printed as an individual photo, upper left photo. The montages are photographs, unframed, with a white border. These photographs were all taken in Chicago and the alphabet letters were created with a minimum of manipulation. We have used architecture, iconic buildings and prominent signs to create the work. We are constantly creating new photos, currently we have over 300, and this page represents just some of the different photos we use to create our word art. We have personally taken all of the photographs so we would be happy to tell you where the letters came from when you order a piece of letter art. All pictures are also available in black and white. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or special requests. E-Mail. You can also go to our Chicago Letter Art ETSY page to purchase one of our custom made pieces. We use letter art to spell all names like: Caitlin, Emily, Jacob, Faith, Family, Chicago, Michael, Ava, Emma and Sophia.

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